Look Into My Eyes



Documentary Feature
2024, 105 minutes


A group of New York City psychics conduct deeply intimate readings for their clients, revealing a kaleidoscope of loneliness and connection, joy and eccentricity, pain and healing.
World Premiere, 2024 Sundance Film Festival


The genius of Lana Wilson’s portrait of New York City psychics is that she doesn’t ask us to believe, but to feel. An exquisitely made documentary that puts compassion before cynicism.
Nicolas Rapold, Sight and Sound
One of Sundance’s best documentaries. Mystical…marvelously nuanced and fascinating in its examination. Is this performance? Is it ‘real’? And if it brings peace to the living, does it matter?
Alissa Wilkinson, The New York Times
Lana Wilson is a singularly perceptive filmmaker…her tender and entrancing documentary about New York City psychics will make you a believer. A sensitive and surprising film about the relationship between shared performance and private pain.
David Ehrlich, IndieWire
ONE OF THE 10 BEST MOVIES FROM SUNDANCE 2024. What Wilson’s complicated, compassionate film ends up proving beyond a shadow of a doubt is that people need to be told that they’re forgiven, they’re loved, and they can let go and move on from trauma. The speaking-from-beyond aspect almost seems superfluous. It’s more about those who have a desire to heal by any means necessary.
David Fear, Rolling Stone
A celebration of human empathy and the power of shared connection.
Nikki Baughan, Screen Daily
Wilson does something remarkable: unveiling the very human desires and drives that motivate us to reach out for something bigger than ourselves.
Alejandra Martinez, The Wrap
Deeply moving.
Jake Kring-Schreifels, The Film Stage
ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES OUT OF SUNDANCE 2024. By diving into each psychic’s journey to the oft-mocked practice, as well as the clients’ desperate pleas for any semblance of closure, Wilson explores the grief and humanity of those who are left behind.
Jada Yuan and Sonia Rao, The Washington Post
Funny, mesmeric, and infinitely memeable.
David Ehrlich, IndieWire
Perceptive documentarian Lana Wilson has an intellectually inquisitive touch regardless of whom she’s filming. With Look Into My Eyes, Wilson puts forth something that will make every New Yorker—or anyone who’s ever sat with unprocessed grief and suffering—feel a little less alone, a little more seen.
Tomris Laffly, Harper's Bazaar
A thoughtful, moving portrait of a community of people who want to do their best with the gifts they’ve received. A unique, intimate approach that thinks beyond the obvious.
Alejandra Martinez, The Wrap